Node packages sent but not received by gateway | LMIC

Hello. I’m using 2 Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 (V2) to implement the LoRaWAN architecture, using one as a Node and the other as a Gateway.
At the gateway, I have implemented the single-channel LoRa Gateway code from THINGS4U (, and it seems to be running well.
At the node, I’m using LMIC Arduino Library, using ttn-abp example as base. The problem is: only a few packets are arriving at the Gateway (The messages received are displayed at OLED display) and at TTN Server.


What usually happens is: Packet with counter = 0 is received, then counter = 3, then counter = 6, and then it goes… at this screenshot, it has started at counter = 9 . (The first byte of the payload is increased every package sent by the node, so its the same as the counter). At Node’s serial debug, the functions that send data seems to be working correctly ( it says “EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)” as expected).

Has this ever happened to anyone? I can’t find the problem.

This is strongly, strongly, strongly not recommended, as such a gateway cannot properly implement the LoRaWAN specification.

That’s exactly why single channel gateways are so strongly dis-recommended.

To make this even sort of work, you’ll have to hack the node code to use only the single frequency and spreading factor supported by the other node you have that is pretending to be a gateway.

Look into the exact data. If there would be a real gateway, every packet would be recieved on another frequency. Your gateway matches only one of them. BTW: Your node sends anyway in a far too short interval…