Node-red TTN (node-red-contrib-ttn)

Is it possible to use the TTN nodes in V3 the same as it is working in v2?
Asking it as this address is not working:

node-red-contrib-ttn - npm node-red-contrib-ttn

No. The TTN Node Red nodes are deprecated because it is not compatible with V3.


Thanks @kersing, Jac,

So I (we) want to use this feature again in v3 we need to create/configurate a node-red ‘node’ and ‘function’ in order to get this functionality (upload) back regarding this topic.

What it did so far:

  • created a node and connects fine to topic: v3/{application id}/devices/{device id}/up
  • messages translated to JSON
  • trying to extract (filter) some fields out of these messages (no luck yet…)

Who can help me (us) to get some fields filtered (function code) to be able to followup the node-red flow in next phase?
My devices is using LPP.


In the first place I need:

  • decoded_payload/ gps_1: altitude, latitude and longitude"
  • decoded_payload/ analog_in_5: 3.89xxxx

thanks, appreciated!

BR, Jeroen

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