Node send data only one times after joining

I have configured a new node with the RN2483A module. The node should send some data (7 Bytes) every 30 minutes. After the join process, the data is only sent once. My gateway (The things indoor gateway) is only a few meters away. I send wit spreading faktor 9 and 0dBm power.

My initialization parameters are:

dcycle (ch0…ch7) = 999 = 0,1%
drrange (ch0…ch7) = 5
pwr = 0
sf = 9

Does anyone have a tip?


There is a known issue with MAC processing (which occurs after your first uplink, it’s the RX1 delay message you’ll see) and the TTN stack when using an RN2483 module with firmware 1.0.5, it causes the RN2483(A) module to lock up. You could try downgrading the module to firmware 1.0.4.

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