Not able to Join Accept after Join Request


Running a RAK 7258 gateway with a RAK7205 tracker (upgraded the firmware to V3.0.0.14.H.R).

All set up but can’t get the OTAA join request to accept. I can see the join request in the TTN live data so I know they are communicating. For some reason the node is not receiving any data accepting the join request.

Here is the relevant data from the node:

OK Work Mode: LoRaWAN
Region: AU915
Send_interval: 180s
Auto send status: true
Send_interval work at sleep
MulticastEnable: false
DutycycleEnable: false
Send_repeat_cnt: 0
Join_mode: OTAA
DevEui: 70B3D57ED004346D
AppEui: 3256C39B6A775DE3
AppKey: <HEXKEY>
Class: A
Joined Network:false
IsConfirm: unconfirm
AdrEnable: true
EnableRepeaterSupport: false
Current Datarate: 5
Primeval Datarate: 5
ChannelsTxPower: 0
UpLinkCounter: 0
DownLinkCounter: 0

After initiating a join request it returns:
OTAA Join Start…
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:1
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:2
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:3
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:4
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:5
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:6

Here is a snapshot of the TTN live data feed:

RSSI = -40 and SNR = 10.8

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Signal strength suggests node & GW may be close - suggest back off distance to >3-5m min, 10m pref, and pref behind a wall or similar absorber - look for RSSI <<-45, pref <<-50 or lower as otherwise shouting in the ear of the receiver and may be overloading and causing channel crossover effects etc. Also check your gw and node channels settigs/freq plan are the same - I note ref to AU915 (prefered for V3?) but then also 923Mhz…(alternate AS923 use in AU).

Also a full tracker payload on 180sec update may be too high for regular/continued use and will certainly exhaust TTN FUP quickly at higher SF’s

Thanks @Jeff-UK

  • Gateway and Node were about 10m apart but have further separated them and no difference.

  • Double checked the Gateway and Node channel settings and they are the same. (the RX2 is 923.3Mhz in Aus)

  • Reduced the frequency of update out to 600sec.

  • Tried changing to ABP - the node says it has a successful join but no data shows up in TTN

Appreciate any other things to try!

Hey mate, any luck with your issue ?
I’m having a similar problem with a RAK Wireless sensor and gateway using AU915; the join request is accepted by the server but never received by the device.