OAuth Client Approval Time

Hello, I have requested to create an OAuth client with client-id of sensor-master-app-testing using the comand ttn-lw-cli clients create .... This was done on the 9th of March.

I am wondering how long does it usually take for a client request to be approved or is there some step that I have missed?

Executing ttn-lw-cli clients get sensor-master-app-testing --state doesn’t return the state that the client request is currently in, however making a curl call to the TTN Authorize endpoint (https://eu1.cloud.thethings.network/oauth/authorize) redirects back with the following error:


Thanks in advance!


Hi, I also have a problem with OAuth Client approval.
I have created it on 2021-06-30T16:15:17 (two days ago).
But, when I execute a command ttn-lw-cli clients list --all I get a response (“state_description”: “admin approval required”)

  "ids": {
    "client_id": "tektelic-ttn-integration-refresh"
  "created_at": "2021-06-30T16:15:17.653Z",
  "updated_at": "2021-06-30T16:15:17.653Z",
  "description": "Oauth client for integration Tektelic LeapX application with TTN",
  "redirect_uris": [
  "state_description": "admin approval required",
  "grants": [
  "rights": [

Hi, my request did not get approved for months until I emailed their support.

I’m still waiting for approval as well how do I contact support? I’m on the free tier