OAuth error: Session not found error

Hi there
I have an Android Application which uses an OAuth2.0 authentication to gets connected to TTN.
It is running fine on the phone that I use most of the time for my devs (A Pixel 6 phone running Android 13).
Yesterday I have pushed my app to Google Play (and provided them the login and password to use) but they face an error (see attached picture).

I have tried another phone (A Nova 7 phone running Android 10) and I indeed see the same probleme.
Would you know what could be the problem?
Thank you

That’s a weird issue. As it is related to a “session id cookie”, I have flushed the cache of the Browser.
I have redone the OAuth and this time it works. That’s very strange.
I now have to explain that to the people of Google Play and hope that it will work for them also…
If you have advices about this issue, I’m still interested.
Thank you