One antenna for two devices?

Hi, I am currently guessing if it makes sense to use one good antenna for two devices with a y-cable. I have a ogn/flarm receiver (RPI+rtlsdr) and a ttn indoor gateway with sma connector. While the ogn-receiver only receives packets the indoor gateway transmitts as well and I am afraid that the rtlsdr-stick will be damaged when the gateway transmitts. Both uses the same frequency and I don’t want to buy and install two antenna cables and antennas outside if one would be sufficient.

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Hi Zodiac,
That is not easy. If you use an "Y"cable the transmitter of the gateway will destroy your flarm-receiver. Using a splitter, both devices can receive at the same time using the same antenna with a loss of about 3dB. But when transmitting, the receiver has to be protected against excessive power eg. by an antenna switch or a circulator (isolator).

Yes, that sounds reasonable. 3dB is quite a lot, maybe too much for me.
At least a splitter will cost more than a 2nd antenna…

That’s not the primary concern

At least a splitter will cost more than a 2nd antenna…

A splitter is very cheap. But a splitter won’t protect your other receiver from the gateway’s transmission.

Just buy two antenna’s. It can not be combined.