Onethinx Core Module

in fact, this is crucial.

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Thanks for your concern and yes, we’re working hard to get low power finalized.

I like to share the latest updates:

  • Yesterday we fixed a tough error which was bothering us for more than a week. it was caused by (undocumented) stackpointer problems. The ones who already have our module will notice we used a PSoC6 ES3 (engineering sample). Still facing the fact that we’re early PSoC6 adopters :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • Previous week we got testresults from the EMC testhouse which made us really happy: spurious emmisions are well below limits (-15dB worst case!) and antenna radiation pattern is pretty ‘isotropic’ which means we can use maximum power while receiving well in every direction.
  • We fixed some programming issues related to ModusToolBox 1.1 in combination with the ES3 silicon.
  • We worked on the US915 stack and sending out lots of modules this week to the US.
  • We’re in contact with the Cypress / Mbed OS team to see if we are able to provide a Mbed working on our module soon.

And last but not least, we’re probing to see if there’s interest to set up a beta-testers program. Drop me an email when interested (rolf at onethinx dot com).


:rocket: We got some exciting news for you! :rocket:

Onethinx is now launching a 𝗖𝗟𝗢𝗦𝗘𝗗 𝗕𝗘𝗧𝗔 of our Onethinx Core LoRaWAN module. As you already might know the Onethinx Core is an unique LoRaWAN module, which excels in security, ease of use and reduces time-to-market for developers. It uses (as one of the few modules in the current market) Semtech’s latest LoRaWAN chipset (SX126x) and Cypress’ PSoC6 MCU which is tailored for IoT. It offers a LoRaWAN stack which is locked down, Bluetooth BLE 5.0 and an high efficient integrated antenna.

Our goal is to deliver significant advantages to the developer by providing a LoRaWAN module which is extremely easy to use, while providing a truly secure, advanced and robust platform for LoRaWAN IoT applications.

Therefor we need a group of people from the community who will be eager to test our product, share feedback and help us bring the Onethinx Core module to the next level of world’s coolest LoRaWAN module.

We offer you the Onethinx Core module with the beta firmware mounted on our development kit for free in return for your valuable contribution.

Drop us a mail at info(at)onethinx(dot)com and join the leading LoRaWAN developer team.

Be quick as the program closes 14th of June!

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