Opportunity to present TTN in Paris?

Hi @laurens, @Mirmit

L’Embarqué is a french website about IoT (“embarqué” means embedded).

They will organize a third LPWAN conference in Paris in june (exact date not defined yet).

They are asking if some organizations would like to present their activities during this conference.

Maybe this could be an opportunity to present TTN…

Anyway, you’ll have to find a french speaking member of the TTN team.

Here is the link to the page where everything is explained : https://www.lembarque.com/appel-a-contributions-pour-la-conference-lpwan18-organisee-par-l-embarque_007227


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Indeed, this could be an interesting forum to raise awareness about TTN. I’m not sure the communication have to be done in French, as the call for papers is also sent in English.

Thanks for reaching out!

Interesting event. There are quite some experienced members in Paris who are more than capable of presenting the story of The Things Network.

@Mirmit I believe you have the right amount of knowledge? As well as @mzembra or @RobertVivanco