OTAA Device migration to v3, how to rejoin remote devices?

Dear TTN,

i am trying to migrate applications to v3. Unfortunately something fails.
I used the migration tool to migrate ERS co2 devices.
The recommended setting → EU_863_870_TTN
makes devices attempt join, but doesnt work.
The other setting EU_863_870, does make them join, but only after a manualy reboot… tricky with hundreds of devices.

Because the v2 stack is readonly, the method of changing the join key on v2 stack does not work.
(permission denied: V2 clusters are now read-only. Migrate your devices to a The Things Stack (V3) cluster now! V2 clusters will permanently shut down in December 2021.)

I deleted the devices from v2 stack so a join of the device there should fail.

I manually rebooted a device I have physical access to, which started working.
What can i do to make it work without manual reboot

Thanks in advance

Though RO the ability to edit/change the last couple of bytes of the AppKey to effectively disable V2 recognition of a device allowing V3 to take control of devices was re-enabled a couple fo weeks back - as you note other changes (at the same time) will cause the ‘cant save’ change error message…

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Perhaps you can ask the manufacturer if they implemented a kind of remote reboot downlink command.
I have a bunch of browan TBMS (motion) and TBHV (humidity/temperature) which I was able to restart the OTAA process on, remotely, through a special command. They told me the command details upon request.

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It seems there is a downlink generator
though obviously because i deleted the v2 app, i cant send this via v3?

i am not able to change a single byte, but the magic trick was sending
3E 01 FE
on FPort 6

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