[OTAA] How long does it take to be completed


I have a node and I am using the OTAA mode.
When I started my module, the temrinal print

856861: EV_JOINING

in the console, I can see


Previously after 3 attends, TTN could receive message from my node, but why now it’s not completed after 30min?

Is an issue, or it can happen?


It should complete on the first one.

First, try ABP and a downlink to make sure you are receiving OK

I tried abp and it work. But I could not see any OK

LMIC library print me that

1006888: EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)

So for me, it’s look good

You haven’t performed a downlink as recommended.

An OTAA join requires a successful receive by the node - the easiest way to check is by an ABP downlink …

Are you sure join accepts are even being generated?

None are shown…

In the application data you will only see the yellow lightning symbol if a join accept is generated.

For me it does not, you need to receive actual data, not only ‘wait’ for it.