[OTAA] What's the normal delay to join the server?


All my devises will be in V3
Excpeted one or two devises, all will be OTAA devises.
The two first, I activated work fine. They join the server in areasonnable time.

I just created a new devise and I turn it on and I still have this message

988183: EV_JOINING

My home gateway is in my leaving room and the devise as well, so there is no issue to reach it.
The previous devise, which is in the field now) could join the server in a cople of minute.
But the actual devise, that I am preparing to move it into the field, is till trying to join the server after 15mn.

Is it nromal? From which delay, should I susèect an issue?

What can be the cause? The devise, the gateway?

OK, I found my mistake.
I have wrongky save my DevEUI, but come another question.

I save my devise I get an error message

an end device with JoinEUI 0000000000000000 and DevEUI 0000000000000024 is already registered as 0000000000000024 in application guard-litec

I understand that the DevEUI is already use by an application which is not mine, but I would like to have 24

What can I do? Can change the AppEUI to 0000000000000001?

Actulla I have a devise with the DevEUI
AppEUI; 0000000000000000
DevEUI; 0000000000000023

What will be the cause if I save my devise 24, as the following, (if that works) for the same Application
AppEUI; 0000000000000001
DevEUI; 0000000000000024

At least, that’s work. But I just would like to make sure, I understand.

AppEUI can it be then used to dissociate a DevEUI conflict?

I am confused because the error message state JoinEUI, and I solve it by changing AppEUI which “should” be with all zero.

Additionnaly, for the same Application, I have two devise with two different AppEUI.

At least it work for this night. I need to use it for one or two night, but I am confused :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the clarification and enjoy your sunday