Other nodes suddenly hitting Gateway - Bouyges Telecom

Hi Guys,

Noticed the past few days my Gateway receiving packets from a node which going by the RSSI and SNR is right on top of us.

Intrigued to what they could be? Can’t see anything obvious outside which has been installed.

Obviously dropped by TTN as not registered on their service.

Dev Address


Network: Bouygues Telecom
Net ID:0x07

Dev Address: OE04F4A7


What is your question?

Wondering what nodes they could be. I live in the middle of the countryside (small village). Signal strength RSSI -40 to -80. Huge burst of them transmitting every second at SF12 at times… Not ideal and negatively impacting my Gateway.

Where in mid wales ?

Perhaps some one in the village is playing with LoRa ?


TTN showing the network ID as Bouyges Telecom (dropped - no broker)

There is multiple nodes. Could it be smart street lighting?

“Can’t see anything obvious outside which has been installed”

Thanks for the helpful quote there.

Hi @mid-walesha, I have seen some stuff appear locally here in the 'burbs of Aberdeen. As per your experience, some is quite close so I have looked about.

Some is smart street lighting done by the city council as part of a European funded project that always uses 52 byte uplink packets.
Some is, I think, home electric vehicle charging units - from discussions with neighbours.
Some is, I think, new domestic appliances.

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Well there was meant to be a slightly serious point to it. If the local council had installed smart street lighting you would expect the installation and operation to have been noticed. You would expect to see the lights going on and off.

Given the road through Carno I hope the smart lighting, if installed, can keep up with the high speed of some cars going through the village.

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The new lighting went in around a year ago. I’ve not seen any other nodes until the past week apart from my own. Its like something has been turned on locally. My main bother is they seem hard set to SF12 and 24byte packets. Some instances I see mass packets every second hitting my gateway for around 5-10 minutes. That is a lot of airtime taken up! ADR would be a bit more sociable…haha

That makes sense. Interesting! I hope all these new instances try and follow best practice. A few thousand street lights hard set to SF12 is not the way forward…

You could use a Software Defined Radio in waterfall mode and a directional (yagi) antenna to find out which way nodes are transmitting from.


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