Packet Broker!


Packet Broker is an independent and neutral organisation running a broker for Internet of Things packets. Open IoT allows messages from devices that are connected to certain networks to be sent to the destined network. Packet Broker provides a platform for IoT operators to exchange this data for greater network efficiency.

Why LoRaWAN Roaming Is Dead On Arrival

Packet Broker is:

  • Independent and not for profit- The sole purpose is to facilitate the routing of encrypted IoT data.

  • IoT technology agnostic - Independent of RF technology the broker is able to route data.

  • Democratic governance - Members are able to vote on the direction of the organization and design of the packet broker

  • No key exchange - The focus is on packet routing; business models, roaming or paid peering agreements to exchange keys are out of scope for the organization. Routing journals are provided to build bilateral business agreements.

  • by Wienke & Johan