Packet loss while retreiving the packet from Data storage using HTTP(GET)

We are validating Sensor Data using HTTP protocol (where HTTP(POST/GET) commands are implemented in Python) to read data from Data Storage.
Whenever Sensor transmits CONFIRMED packet and expects ACK. As soon as ACK is received at Sensor end than Python reads Data storage using HTTP(GET) command.
We are able to receive the packet but not all the times but Packet is actually available in Data Storage, this is observing from past two months very randomly.

So in order to handle this situation we have added buffer time ( 10 sec’s) prior to read the data storage but of no use.

Are there any changes made in Backend recently ?

Also How much time data takes to store in Data Storage ?

Please comment on this.

@johan, Could you please help us.


Hi @kersing,
Could you please help us here

No sorry. Not something I know about.

Dear @kersing, thank you so much for the response.