Parking Sensor available

(Thomaswa) #1

Is there any magnetic parking sensor with battery and TTN 868Mhz for europe available?


There is one available from Turbo which is 868Mhz - user manual

Besides this, there is also one from Libelium but haven’t heard from anyone successfully connecting to TTN yet.

(Thomaswa) #3

TBS-220 is compatible to TTN? How can the addresses/keys be configured?


I am not sure if it is compatible with TTN. Best would be to reach out to Turbo directly so they can assist you with this.

(Thomaswa) #5

Regarding to other topic here and guide it doesn’t look so…

(Andrew Maggio) #6

We use these parking sensors (Turbo TBS-220) on TTN with the AS923 band plan. Yes, they are compatible.

(Pge) #7

There is one here also