Password recovery

Good day,

I’m new to MICROTIK - Knot LR8 Kit.

I would like to retrieve a password without lossing the DATA.

Can it be done and how?

Have you asked Microtik, checked the units documentation or the distribution channel support who sold the kit to you? Whilst the LR8 is reasonably well known within the community ( a small percentage - even fractional percentage of TTN deployed GW’s) with some users active on the TTN Forum, the scale of knowledge to answer this is likely much higher from these other sources. (No doubt someone will immediately post the solution for you having called that out! :rofl: )

Hi Jeff,

I started working at a new job. This issue was dropped on my lap. The previuos person resigned and left with all the login details.

Thus I’m totally in the dark.

Good luck with that

A common and frequent problem - did employer not do exit interview and get all required info - if not shame on them! :wink:

But surely you are following standard procedures and practice in such cases and a little light:

Just sayin’ ! Surely 1st call is as above rather than a random question to an end application user platform forum?..

Good luck whatever :slight_smile:
(Note I have one of these myself but not had that specific problem to deal with… will try to find time to dig into docs (possibly your 1st step before asking MCRTK? if not already done!) and see if they help; but it will be days ahead as v.busy…)

Can you clarify how this prevents you from using the support channels suggested above?

At the end of the day the official documentation is surely the first port of call?

@ACT-Tech BTW are you connecting directly or through the Microtik ‘App’? And not being funny but have you tried the defaults? (IIRC think its user: admin, no password!)

If the previous admin used winbox (windows software) to manage the device and saved the passwords you might be able to find the username and password in winbox.cfg file (binary but used to store passwords in plaintext at some point)

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