[PCB] Pro mini / RFM95W / 18650 solar chargeable

You can order PCBs of this board at PCBs.io

V1.1a Classic I2C connector : https://pcbs.io/share/8AGb2
V1.1a Grove I2C connector : https://pcbs.io/share/zjKdY
V1.0 : https://pcbs.io/share/r3LdE

Thanks a lot !

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Dear @marioz,

this piece looks like a cool thing. We just wanted to let you know we also crossposted this to our forum because there might be interested people also liking this:



So. My first own blog is ready. I’ve been wanting to do one for a long time and now that I’m spending a lot of time with TTN, I thought it was the best time!

Here is the link to the article about this node. A little more detailed and also with shopping list:


For those who are really interested in my design, I have 10 PCB’s as gift (only shipping costs) in return for your experiences in this forum. The second PCB design planned is a sensor/supercapacitor board (as piggy-back for the Arduino/RFM95). Capacitor charged (in my case) with a 1.5W/5V solar panel.


Hi! I just sent you a message do we can talk about it. Congratulation on your PCB, it looks really nice and is surely useful.

Hello @Wijnand

I am interested at your PCB.

Livin in Germany.


That’s a really great idea!
In future i have to build a kind of mini node with 3V button cell as SOS button. I will also have to work with Capacitor :wink:

I have just measured the power consumption and also optimized the code:

Have a nice day :wink:

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Sounds great, I’d like to try it.

hi Wijnand
I would be happy testing one of your boards :grinning:
thanks, urs

Where to put PCB schematic and board in Eagle?

I think this product it what we all aiming for: https://wisen.com.au/store/products/whisper-node-lora/
Just found it when searching for new developments in this field…

It looked so good, but it was too good to be true. he has installed the RFM96W and not the RFM95W. on the one hand that means 13 instead of 20 dbi output, but more importantly no lora modulation!

But the solution with the MCP16251 step-up switching regulator is great and I will take on my node. such a board for lora, just for this price would of course top!

Got 2 of these boards graciously sent to me by the Author some month ago for testing.
I wanted to test them but did not had time yet, shame on me, I really need to test them :wink:

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Maybe you looked at the first link that I posted (of the AVR in stead of LORA node, sorry about changing the link) I think the used LoRa module (Semtech SX1276) is +20dB isn’t it?

If I look at https://www.semtech.com/products/wireless-rf/lora-transceivers/SX1276, it says that it has LoRa modulation. But since you are an obvious LoRa expert, and I am not, please tell me where I am wrong.

For the LoRa 868MHz, they actually use the RFM95W-868S2

Yes, I had watched the AVR version. The Lora version is great !! :slight_smile:

Do yo plan to release/share the PCB design for your board?

I received it today. Looks very nice, in particular that you added the ground plane below the rfm. I’ll order some components and then I’ll post an update.

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received today a well documented gift. Thanks @Wijnand
now it’s soldering time :sunglasses:


soldered, up and running
and already some ideas :wink: