Personal distance record

(Goran Mahovlic) #1

Yesterday I was on local mountain to improve my distance record.

And with one node RAK tracker node set to SF8 and power 14

And second node was bit cheating, it is ESP32 based node and it was set to SF12 and power 18

(Smart Booking) #2

Here is our German record. 95 km

(Markusand) #3

What type of configuration (devices, antenna, …) are you using to achieve this distances?

(Hellebauer) #4

4309km ! :smiley: Yeah right ! Supposedly the receiving node is in the middle of Chad, Africa.
Someone set up their gateway with the wrong location :face_with_monocle:

(Hellebauer) #5

However, from the same location I got a believable 110km :sunglasses:

(Hellebauer) #6

Using a Dragino Arduino node with a handtuned Antenna…