PNI Corp PlacePod

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I am trying to connect a sensor to TheThingsStack server. Unfortunately, I have not been able to receive any data so far. I’m using Milesight UG65-L04EU-868M-EA gateway.

In the specification I have not found any information about e.g. LoRaWAN version or regional parameters of the sensor, so I would like to make sure if my configuration shown below is correct.

AppEUI: from label

DevEUI: SN from label

AppKey: from label

Frequency plan: Europe 863-870 MHz (SF9 for RX2 - recommended)

LoRaWAN version: 1.0.2

Regional parameters 1.0.2 revision B

Payload formatter: CayenneLPP

As for the gateway configuration, I think it is correct – other (three) devices communicate with it and display correctly in TTS.

On the gateway I set packet forwarder to server, port 1700.

Any suggestions why PlacePod is not sending any frames or I cannot receive them?