PNI Placepod

I could get my hands on a “PNI PlacePod” parking sensor and I’m trying to get it working with TTN. I added an application as well as a device. Since I can’t change the data the device is sending, I changed the device EUI and the application EUI in my application to the data the sensor sends.
When I look at the gateway traffic, I can see a join request sent by the device. DEV EUI and App EUI are the same as the ones I used in the application. But for some reason, the join request does not work and I don’t know, what I did wrong.
The DEV EUI is 008000000400884E and I chose ABP for acitvation. Does anyone have a hint about what I am doing wrong?
Regards from Cologne

sure… the one I posted yesterday.

did you contact the seller and what was his reaction ?
I see they have a german sales representative in your City

yepp… that’s the one. I contacted the German reseller unitronic. They don’t have any experience with TTN yet. By now, they only used the PNI-infrastructure at PNI Cloud - I’d rather get it working with TTN.
I just received the infromation, that there still is an activation tool missing. Maybe that will solve the problem, but I actually don’t think so.

the sensor (node) probably only responds to their infrastructure @ this moment.
don’t think it’s open source

  • but would be very nice to get it working on TTN !
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could you provide the adress of the reseller here or by pm:
there are some ideas… growing

thank you


Hi @mascarpone,
did you get any information in the meantime? I don’t find any details at regarding TTN Support. Also Unitronic sent us an offer with their own Gateways.

Hi @gregorwolf,

yes, the placepod works with TTN. A few days ago I received an offer from unitronic to swap our placepod for a new version with a new firmware. As far as I understood the new version, it should be even easier to register the device to TTN and the protocol will be easier to understand.

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Hi @gregorwolf,
today I received the updated placepod with the new firmware. It is really easy now to integrate the device to TTN. There is an iOS-App by which you can reconfigure the device (including App EUI and App Key) via BLE.

Also, the new communication protocol based on #lora-cayenn-low-power-payload is easier to understand and to handle. I will have to re-write the decoder, but it should be easier then before.

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Thank you @mascarpone for the follow up. We’ve not yet decided on our hardware. So it’s good to know.

some pics from the setup procedure to TTN would be very welcome :wink:

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Is there a decoder for the PNI Placepod ?

I’m looking for a codec ready to use for PNI PLACEPODS?
Does somebody have this

erm, what does the supplier or distributor offer? have you asked? what does their documentation call out?

Supplier provides a technical doc explaining how to decode manually the data
But Finally, choosing CAYENNE LPP standard codec, it works fine

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