Power compsuption of arduino mkrw1310 during sending test

hi there, i ask if someone check current or power compsuption of an arduino mkrw1310 i dont find the info, i´ll gona make some test but it would be nice if someone can share their results, thanks

There are several topics on the forum already for MKRWAN current consumption and discussions on the GitHub repro for the Arduino library.

So the comparisons are scientific, lets do a blind test, if you do your measurements and post them here and I’ll then post what I know.

Yes i’ll do test only with microcontroller i’ll post the current load on boot and the routine joining and sending one mesange but i didnt find the normal current load info i just find the deep sleep problems and tring minimice the load thx

The transmission current of the LoRa device will be in the order off 70mA for 14dBm output power.

30 seconds is 1/120th of an hour so 30seconds air time per day is 0.6mAhr per day. If the node was powered by AA batteries they would have enough life to power the transmitter for around 13years.

The rest of the current is likely the most significant part and will be a mixture of the board running current whilst reading sensors etc and the idle or sleep current between readings. Best to measure these currents and times for your particular setup.

It’s around 120µA in deepsleep - that means about 3mAh per day for deepsleep.
With additional 0,6mAh for sending and a little overhead for sensors i think 4mAh per day is a good value to calculate with.

I use a few of my mkr1310 with an 1800mAh LiIon and i have to charge after 1,5 years (sending 6 times a day)

It’s clearer what you mean with this - but for the “normal current load” - how do you define normal?

Out the box I see 13mA idle and 17mA with the LED flashing. Bear in mind the power components are a fair bit of all of this.

With the low power board modifications with the IO set to Input Pullup (as appropriate) I can get 13.2uA sleep current.

As most devices spend time sleeping which is the biggest current consumption I tend not to get too excited about the idle current - it may be running for a few ms on it’s own but mostly it is the radio transmitting and receiving. We do have 5s now for the Rx1 delay and I haven’t had a desperate need to evaluate the impact of the MCU being active for 5s instead of 2s but some solar based work is on the horizon so I will be looking at the detail on that soon.

i understand the “normal” it’s like you said out of the box and the codes and other components conected can change the current load of the module, but not goona be a great diferences “only arduino and joining and sending” anyway ill do my test, this is for have some references and see if im out or missig something if my readings are very far away of others.

Yes are very close to my readings, i can see a little more near 20 mA in idle and max 68mA when sending very thanks