Power consumption with LMIC


How is your current consumption in standby mode using LMIC library ?

I am testing with a whisper node and I measure around 90uA. I am using a multimeter to take the measurement for the lack of a better measuring equipment.

While testing with a script provided by the maker I measure around 15uA during sleep.
As far as I can see it uses the lowpower library for the arduino and it also sleeps the radio.
LMIC is supposed to do the latter and I also inserted the former into the code according to this

I am just looking for the reason there is such a difference and if I can drop the current usage around 15uA


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I have here a Sensebender on 23uA.


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Thanks that helped setting some expectations. I reconfigured everything from scratch and after lots of testing I get the same measurements as you so I think I am good.
I must have misconfigured the temp sensor and I was wasting excessive battery
I am using the bme280 in standby as well and it seems to work well

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I’m around 2.4 uA on a 3V battery powered device based on a STM32L4 MCU and a NiceRF frontend. I’m putting the MCU into stop mode but I’m pretty sure I could lower that consumption if I start playing with standby or shutdown modes.

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LMiC has no knowledge of how to put an MCU’s core or peripherals into a low power mode.

That is really up to whatever “glue” you use to adapt LMiC to your hardware.

LMiC’s scheduling mechanism while perhaps not perfectly efficient is on the whole reasonable about running only when it needs to, but making sure it’s not wasting power while waiting for the next scheduled job, and making sure I/O’s are left in a low power state, is up to the MCU platform integration code.

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