Power sensing devices


Looking for a device that monitors or sensors power. I would like to be alerted when there is a power cut, so I know it has happened. Anyone know of such devices.

thank yoy

Hi @cloudnet we do this kind of work in 2 ways:

Use a Netvox R809A http://www.netvox.com.tw/product.asp?pro=R809A for sophisticated power monitoring.

Use a basic 5VDC “wall wart” power supply and feed the output direct into a 0-10V ADC sensor device. Lots of devices available, we use Adeunis Analog https://www.adeunis.com/en/produit/analog-wired-sensor-interface/ that reports the external voltage; 5VDC reported when power is on and 0VDC reported when power is off.

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Another variation of this is to use diode voting between such a supply and a lower voltage battery. Then you also feed the wall supply from before the diode to a voltage divider and feed it into an MCU pin.

That way you have something that runs on the mains when available (saving your battery) and can discover when the mains go away not only in the sense of reporting that via LoRaWAN, but also perhaps altering its behavior in a way that conserves battery power until the mains supply comes back.

Hi, @cslorabox is, of course, entirely correct.

The people I work for insist that everything uses COTS products so that we can deploy at large scale for commercial customers.

If you only need low volumes and want to make and learn then you can do lots of interesting work in this area.

One of the really good things about LoRaWAN is that it supports both these approaches; commercial at large scale and maker/learner at small scale.