Power Supply - ground or not to ground

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My name is Stephan and I’m pretty new to the TTN and LoRa topics in general. I’m running a gateway with RaspPi 4 + RAK HAT. I have a question about power supplies and the topic regarding grounding. More specific about USB-C power supplies with or without grounding like 65W Lenovo USB-C (with grounding) vs. Raspberry-Pi 4 USB-C without grounding where you can feel a certain humming on the skin if you touch metal surfaces (capacitive coupling I guess). My question is about antenna receiving/transmitting if the antennas are using ground planes to improve quality. Does it have an impact if the system is grounded or not. Or is this completely independent from the viewpoint of physics?


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Perhaps you can read this.

The grounding of your power supply at 50/60 Hz has no influence on your antenna performance at 868.000,000 Hz. Different groundings at your devices that are connected may introduce high noise levels to your system that may impact performance. The performance of your antenna is idependant of that.