Print layout underwhelming

Dear Things engineers,

in order to explanin my topic please let me invite you to the following:

Please visit this page:

As you see, there are helpful command line and code snippets that display quite well on the website (Firefox 69 on Mac)

As there is a menu on the left, this means that the entire page downward is 1/3 wasted but yeah, we’re used to that unfortunately.

Then please try to print that page: The content window gets so narrow (even on landscape orientation) that It’s unreadable.

I would suggest that you use the CSS directive @media print:

  • to maybe even make the left navigation invisible or convert it into a single line

First | Second | Third | Fourth

I think the layout of the console is really great and user friendly, that is why my hopes are high you could accept my humble suggestion :slight_smile:


agree ! :innocent: