Private network and downlink limitation

Hi all,
sorry for my questions but i am really new in this environment… :slight_smile:
i have read in the Duty Cycle page following rules:
Finally, on The Things Network’s public community network, we have a Fair Access Policy that limits the uplink airtime to 30 seconds per day (24 hours) per node and the downlink messages to 10 messages per day (24 hours) per node . If you use a private network, these limits do not apply, but you still have to be compliant with the governmental and LoRaWAN limits.

So i am using my own Gateway, connected to the router: ttn-router-eu and using TTN Community edition account.

  1. Can this be considered a “private network” case, or is there any guide to have a private network?

  2. What could happen if my device send more than 10 messages per day? (blacklist / messages not sent / other…?)

  3. Are also ACK messages considered as “downlink” messages?


No. Any use of the community network (which includes the eu router) is not private. Check the TTNv3 category for messages on setting up a private network if you really want to, however that is not a point and click experience.

Your device is allowed max 10 downlinks a day which does include ACKs (that answer is readily available on the forum so please use search)

Thank you Jac for these information,

Is there anyhing about this point?

What could happen if my device send more than 10 messages per day? (blacklist / messages not sent / other…?)

One reason for limiting downloads is that the gateways are effectively half simplex and whilst they are transmitting they cannot listen to nodes and effectively go deaf to uplinks so any abuse of downlink quota effectively denies the community of uplink capacity. In the case of higher numbers of users and or nodes this can disrupt service. Also in many parts of the world the gw (as it is a radio device) is also constrained by duty cycle limits…excessive downloads -transmissions - can push the gw into limiting thereby denying others the chance to even join the network (needs a join ack for OTAA) let anyone have the change to use their allows 10 down links. Rules are not yet enforced but that could change without notice so do not plan to deploy on assumption breach will be ignored :wink:



The limit on downloads does often seem to be considered harsh, but a significant part of it is to ensure that the gateway can stay within legal duty cycle requirements, remembering that a gateway may be dealing with downlinks for hundreds of nodes.

In reality if a higher rate of downlinks are desired, the regulators have to change the rules, good luck with that …