Private Network without internet

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it’s possible to build a private Lora Network without internet ? Let me explain you :

We should have to install Lora private network in difficult area which internet (3G) couldn’t be reach. We will install 10 tiltmeters (Lora communication) and linked them to a Lora raspberry gateway. Then people will get the data on the raspberry by plugging a usb card every week.

How could we get data’s tiltmeter from the gateway and how could we put this data in a CSV format on the raspberry ? Could it be possible to do that whitout Network server?



so you have in fact allready lora network.
all data is received by that lora gateway (not LoRaWAN so not encrypted)
you can store the data locally.

if there’s no 3g _and no internet, and it’s very important data you could transmit it once a week by satphone or maybe even by swradio, I don’t see the role for TTN here.
all together not a hobby project and it will/could be expensive imho.

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If 3G/internet connection not available for backhaul can you install another gateway in range of 1st say 5-20km away with backhaul from there then have 1st gw act as a super node/relay retransmitting message from local nodes as they arrive or in batches (prefix relayed payload with a single byte to ident source node id?) - may need to form some type of compressed overall message if many/often to avoid hitting duty cycle limits…where in the world are you/deploying as affect choices.

“you can store the data locally.” Do you know how we do the data storing locally ?

Yes, I agree, we doesn’t need TTN

read this for the basic background info

if I read between the lines, you want to use a RPI gateway with 10 lorawan nodes/sensors, and read the decoded and stored data from your RPI (gateway) , and if possible transmit in CSV format.
short answer: that’s not possible

I see what you mean, but we only whant to get the data on the gateway locally, but don’t know how to do it.
We whant to install it for a dam.

How far from Dam to viable Internet backhaul? Where in the world per earlier?

Less than 1 km, why ?
You say first of all that it was possible and then not … Why ? We whant to know if we could store data in the gateway whitout internet or 3g connexion in CSV format.

Just thinking of options for both local and internet based…

It may be a lora proprietary or a mixed proprietary/lorawan system is a possibility…

…but will depend on q’s such as Borroz & I asking and of course your budget! :wink:

We get lost : the question is simple could we do in the gateway : Network server and Application server ? (

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Not lost just looking for best way to skin that particular cat! :slight_smile:

Simple answer is yes…there are several lora/lorawan demo or production systems that effectively combine but question is what is use case and environment and if lora in lorawan build or a proprietary system best for you. Also then do yourself or buy-in/commission a system … If proprietary or embedded then perhaps not ttn as Borroz has already suggested.

Im not sure what limitations you have with regards to hardware, but MultiTech in their AEP and mLinux variants (MTCDT and MTCAP) offer a running LoRaWAN Network Server on the gateway itself out of the box. You could then run an MQTT based application (Node, Python, etc) on the gateway or on a separate Pi (though not necessary) and store to a local USB storage (MTCDT has USB media compatibility) Check this link:

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Later this year TTN will release V3 of the stack. This should allow you to run all components yourself. If you can’t wait there are commercial options (MultiTech AEP) and free solutions, you just need to search for them.

Don’t expect the TTN community to do your non-TTN related homework…

You can install a gateway and complete backend ( like loraserver) on a Raspberry access the data transmitted by the nodes

Thanks Ajackson_ww, will look closer to your link. It seems to be exactly what I need.

Of course it’s do-able
I’m using this one all days, running on all my gateways with @kersing packet forwarder configured with 2 servers, TTN and Local One. Of course in case of 2 servers, devices need to be declared only once, on TTN OR on local one.
If you configured a DIY GW (RAK831 or ic880a) with this Lora Gateway Setup installing the Local server indicated here is straightforward, see here.


Hi Charles,

Unfortunately, I’m working with onegate gateway :, TTN, loriot and semtech are already install on the gateway.
DIY GW configuration is Semtech SX1301 or SX1308. Could it be possible to find or adapt it to the onegate?

Sounds like you picked GW before confirming/evaluating use case & deployment options? :wink:

If you have chosen the version with NWS included then perhaps just point the Enet at a local e.g. RPi and run your data capture routine there and store in local SD card? :sunglasses:

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