Private Stack Instance on localhost: Internal Server Error

Hi all,
I’m running a private instance of TTN-Stack on a VM which runs on a remote server without DNS, so the configuration was made as default for localhost.
When I try to login to the Web Console, I get an intenal Server Error. Log:

INFO Request handled                          duration=393.03µs location=/oauth/authorize?client_id=console&redirect_uri=%2Fconsole%2Foauth%2Fcallback&response_type=code&state=4JP6pFsDuHg1VZnj method=GET namespace=web remote_addr= request_id=01DZ1TYK440SGCQB3SC985E8KD response_size=0 status=302 url=/console/login/ttn-stack,
INFO Request handled                          duration=12.739815ms location=/oauth/login?n=%2Foauth%2Fauthorize%3Fclient_id%3Dconsole%26redirect_uri%3D%252Fconsole%252Foauth%252Fcallback%26response_type%3Dcode%26state%3D4JP6pFsDuHg1VZnj method=GET namespace=web remote_addr= request_id=01DZ1TYK4GB011FQD607JRG5FX response_size=0 status=302 url=/oauth/authorize?client_id=console&redirect_uri=%2Fconsole%2Foauth%2Fcallback&response_type=code&state=4JP6pFsDuHg1VZnj,
INFO Request handled                          duration=5.849146ms method=GET namespace=web remote_addr= request_id=01DZ1TYK55Y60N93NPJHKW3YE1 response_size=1364 status=200 url=/oauth/login?n=%2Foauth%2Fauthorize%3Fclient_id%3Dconsole%26redirect_uri%3D%252Fconsole%252Foauth%252Fcallback%26response_type%3Dcode%26state%3D4JP6pFsDuHg1VZnj,
INFO Request handled                          duration=6.679248ms method=GET namespace=web remote_addr= request_id=01DZ1TYKJ1R97GE0DV9QSZ1KSP response_size=248 status=401 url=/oauth/api/me,
INFO Request handled                          duration=155.537051ms location=/console/oauth/callback?code=MF2XI.T6FYYK6P3W52MIWQ6OCFW5BNEM6OBLCW67NCIZY.ZAK35RFXZ5ZFVDS62WODW5ANAJLPXTPEPHNB3FARMCS5IJCAWCLQ&state=4JP6pFsDuHg1VZnj method=GET namespace=web remote_addr= request_id=01DZ1TYYGX6PM931E4KM1XC4J0 response_size=0 status=302 url=/oauth/authorize?client_id=console&redirect_uri=%2Fconsole%2Foauth%2Fcallback&response_type=code&state=4JP6pFsDuHg1VZnj,
INFO Request handled                          duration=123.208879ms method=POST namespace=web remote_addr= request_id=01DZ1TYYC6PDB2BE9R668D5EXT response_size=0 status=204 url=/oauth/api/auth/login,
ERROR Request error                            duration=30.002094729s method=GET namespace=web remote_addr= request_id=01DZ1TYYP4H6ZNGFY6DQ8Y3WND response_size=2292 status=500 url=/console/oauth/callback?code=MF2XI.T6FYYK6P3W52MIWQ6OCFW5BNEM6OBLCW67NCIZY.ZAK35RFXZ5ZFVDS62WODW5ANAJLPXTPEPHNB3FARMCS5IJCAWCLQ&state=4JP6pFsDuHg1VZnj,
INFO Request handled                          duration=708.907µs method=GET namespace=web remote_addr= request_id=01DZ1TZW9A7B76SESX2HBZ2QR9 response_size=253 status=401 url=/console/api/auth/token

It’s is important to mention that im calling the web page by the static IP given to the VM: by the DHCP Server
the window.PAGE_DATA shows the following error:

attributes: Object { message: "Post http://localhost:1885/oauth/token: dial tcp: i/o timeout" }
code: 2
message_format: "Internal Server Error"
namespace: "pkg/errors/web"
length: 1
message: "error:pkg/errors/web:unknown (Internal Server Error)"

I don’t know from where the call is made, but I assume it should be calling instead of localhost

Any Ideas ?

I changed the setup to use the static IP. now I’m getting a different Internal Server Error:

Post dial tcp connect: no route to host

I suppose this is a docker problem ?

I still don’t understand it correctly, but it is worth to mention that in my solution, the VM is working behind a proxy.
So i tried to set the proxy, the Error changed again to Forbidden, which indicates a problem with the certificates as in many Issues in the forum and Github.
I tried to add my Certificates to the trusted ca-certs in the container, but i was not successful.
My provisory solution for now is editing the Oauth token url to use http instead of https!


Use Let’s encrypt if you can, and spare yourself the trouble.

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