Problem connecting to TTS V3 CM3021 Water Meter NAS Sensor

Hi, I have done the migration to V3 and I have moved all my device except one. The device that is failing is the CM3021 Water Meter sensor sold by NAS (Nordic Automation Systems). In the TTS platform I can see the message: “Accept join-request”, but there is the only message that I have received. I wanna know if someone has had this issue and if you know some solution. I have tried to get a new firmware for this device, but I cannot get that in internet after spend a lot of time researching for.

Are you perhaps still seeing traffic routed through the previous V2 instance? Is data arriving at your application/integrations in either V2 or V3?

If still seeing traffic via V2 swap the last two bytes of the App Key and force another rejoin - it may be both V2 & V3 are offering a Join Accept but V2 gets in 1st so device then ignores the V3 join accept…have seen this a few times especially if device in range of a V2 GW…Unfortunately since V2 went RO and GW & Application/Device tabs greyed/depricated its not obvious to see this other than device will still show connected in V2 Console…

Hi Jeff, thanks for your reply. I removed the all application in V2 and created a new one in V3. So there is no device on the V2 platform. I have more sensors, brand Elsys and the integration in V3 was succesufully. But with the water meter sensor I haven’t got good results.