Problem connecting TTN Gateway over wifi

I’m facing issue to connect my TTN gateway to a WiFi network:
THe configuration is ok but the first led is stable and the second one is blinking. Apparently the gateway gets an IP from the Access Point and it is ending here.
Here is the console print:

WIFI: IP Address:
SNTP: State change from 0 to 1
CB: INET: Gateway has WiFi
INET: State change to 2
INET: Connected to a network, waiting for DHCP lease, checking validity with ping
SNTP: State change from 1 to 2
LORA: Wait init complete, waiting for application.
LORA: Changing state from 1 to 2
WIFI: IP Address:
INET: State change to 3
INET: Ping probe
INET: Error sending probe on Eth
SNTP: State change from 2 to 3
MON: SYS Stack size: 3967
MON: TCPIP Stack size: 3828
MON: APP Stack size: 7987
MON: LoRa Stack size: 3911
MON: heap usage: 179KB (188KB), free: 160KB
SNTP: State change from 3 to 4
SNTP: State change from 4 to 5
SNTP: State change from 5 to 6
SNTP: State change from 6 to 7
LGMD:Rejected packet (0x11)

Hi, did you manage to solve this problem? And I if you did it, could please give me some guidance? I’m facing the same problem at this moment.
I’m sorry for not being able to provide you some help.

I am also facing the exact same problem with The things network gateway TTN GW 868. I am stuck at Step 4 as you mentioned. Any solution or Fix?

Pick a topic and stick to it, Posting the exact same on two threads splits the potential for the volunteers to know where to answer.