Problem getting my first node working

Hi, I’m new to LoraWan and I’m having problems to create my first node.
I´m using the library LMIC-node

I´m not receiving errors in serial monitor, however I’m not reveiving data in the console.
Below is the serial monitor:


Device-id: baum-device-1
LMIC library: MCCI
Activation: OTAA
Interval: 60 seconds

000000006473: Event: EV_JOINING
000000006525: Event: EV_TXSTART

000000006618: doWork job started
000000408280: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000000447891: Event: EV_TXSTART
000000828243: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000001237402: Event: EV_TXSTART
000001639153: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000001664196: Event: EV_TXSTART
000002044548: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000002659962: Event: EV_TXSTART
000003061715: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000003103782: Event: EV_TXSTART
000003484136: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE

000003756618: doWork job started
000004078319: Event: EV_TXSTART
000004480068: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000004501980: Event: EV_TXSTART
000004882333: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000005665922: Event: EV_TXSTART
000006067672: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000006102419: Event: EV_TXSTART
000006482771: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000007264902: Event: EV_TXSTART

000007506618: doWork job started
000007666653: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000007670471: Event: EV_TXSTART
000008050824: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000008987912: Event: EV_TXSTART
000009389662: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000009392037: Event: EV_TXSTART
000009772388: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000010710969: Event: EV_TXSTART
000011112719: Event: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE
000011156044: Event: EV_TXSTART

Seems to be the same problem that @ Arnaudroussac faced.

Some usefull information:

I’m using a nodemcu esp8266 as a node.
In TTN, my end device is OOTA, and frequency plan “United States 902-928 Mhz, FSB 2” and LoraWan specification 1.0.3

In region I uncommented -D CFG_us915=1

I uncommented the correct board (nodemcuv2) and commented the line that contain “board selection guard”.

I created the file lorawan-keys.h and filled with the correct OTAA_DEVEUI, OTAA_APPKEY and OTAA_APPEUI (the APPEUI is all zero).

The gateway is 1 meter distance, and is conected.

Can anyone help me?

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This maybe a little bit to close. Try 5m or more or a wall in between.

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FYI: LMIC-node is an (example) application, it is not a library. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you wire your hardware exactly as described in the BSF file (bsf_nodemcuv2.h) and double-checked?

To begin, use LMIC-node with all settings to their default values (except for region if your region is not EU868).
Including device-id. Just leave it to its default. This will make it easier to verify in the log that the correct board was selected. Once everything works you can start tweaking things to your liking.

I assume that you did comment-out the default -D CFG_eu868=1, right?

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You got instant response with suggestions and questions from other users more than a week ago but you did not respond.

FYI: As a general rule on the forum, it is commonly not appreciated when you do not respond to users who make effort to help you.

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Hi @wolfp , I tried 5+ meters away from gtw. Unfortunatelly didn’t work.
I was wondering if it’s it’s not working because my TTN gtw is a 1ch.

Yes, unfortunately. Single channel devices are not LoRaWAN gateways. You will need to use a LoRaWAN compliant gateway instead.

See: Single Channel Packet Forwarders (SCPF) are obsolete and not supported

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Yes, now I triple checked the bsf_nodemcuv2.h :wink:
Yes, I added a comment in -D CFG_eu868=1. Only -D CFG_us915=1 is uncommented.

Regarding device-id I changed ABP_DEVICEID to “baum-device-2”. Are you refering to it?

I found 2 errors warned by VSCode in c_cpp_properties.json:
- in configuration.includePath VCCode couldn’t find …PlatformIO/Projects/LMIC-node-main/include
- in configuration.browse.path the same problem above.

Thanks a lot an sorry for the response delay! :pray:

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Those warnings can be ignored. Your issue is caused by not using a proper LoraWAN gateway.

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