Problem getting started with data storage integration

I have created a TTN data storage integration in the Australia meshed handler console and the integration overview says that it is running. However, when I click on “go to platform” it opens a window that says “not authorized”. If I click on the platform documentation link it takes me to the TTN home page which isn’t exactly helpful.

Anyone have any ideas on what I need to do? Thanks.

So, you’re getting that right away? Or only after clicking a request method and trying to execute that? (Indeed, you’ll need to authorize yourself to use it, but that’s not needed to just view that Swagger page.)

The documentation is at especially as of 1:45 in the video that’s embedded there:

I’m getting it right away, it doesn’t open up the Swagger interface so that I can authorize myself!

May 2019:


If you’re on Windows then see also Using curl or Postman for the HTTP Integration on Windows.

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For what it is worth, I have simplified things by using the asia-se handler. I still use the AU915 frequencies.

Are you still using the meshed-router for the gateway? If not, then please read:

Sorry to hijack this thread, I’m looking to start using the Data Integration API to periodically query for new device updates and store them as a backup on premise.

I’m initially using something like the curl query from @Maj above. Is there a way instead of specifying the last (X)days to instead query on a date?

So my workflow would first check the timestamp of the latest record in my DB and using this date to query any new updates after this time. In this way i can run it a couple times a week without missing anything rather than every 7 days and potentially losing information should the job fail.

At the end of the url, where it has the ‘query’ bit, put a get variable called last with a duration - use s, m, h or d. EG:

would get all data for the XXX app for the last 1000 seconds.

I tend to put in a very small overlap that’s a typical nodes transmit cycle and then deduplicate rather than potentially lose records due to network latency in requests. So if I had last queried half an hour ago, I’d ask for 2100s so I’ve a five minute overlap.

Thanks Nick, i was hoping by specify the date in the query i would also lower any risk of duplication but as you said maybe its better to deduplicate after than risk losing something. Perhaps i can use a formula to compare my latest stored timestamp with the current date and use the difference in minutes as the variable in the query. Thanks a mil!

Hi i am trying getting my TTN data on my computer with this command same as Swagger is using, but not getting data, please help.

curl -X GET --header ‘Accept: application/json’ --header ‘Authorization: key ttn-account-v2.g3teFxxxxxxxx…xx’ ‘

What are you getting? cURL is pretty chatty normally so absolutely nothing would be unusual.

You won’t get 22 days worth of data BTW, only 7.5 days

Hello everyone,

Regarding I see that the problem is with the URL. The URL is missing a slash between au and api. Watch below. The URL looks like this:

I believe it should look like this:

Who can make this adjustment?

I need to use it as soon as possible.


As the URL is typed / pasted in by the user (that’s you), you’ll have to add that extra forward slash.

Hello descartes

Even adding the slash I’m not able to get the data. I get a return 404 Not Found nginx / 1.10.3.

And it is not a problem with the key, as it already includes in the Authorize option.

It is really difficult to work with Data Storage Integration at

Any suggestions to resolve?

Best regards,

The format in the EU region is that where you have ‘data’ we have the id of our application. You may want to give that a try.

Hi descartes,

Could you specifically describe the URL where I can get the messages (where I only changed the application ID)? <App_ID> shows the same error message, 404 Not Found nginx / 1.10.3.
I need to get messages from the past 24 hours (api/v2/query?last=24h).

Thank you once again.

I’m in the EU region and don’t have access to an AU setup to be specific.

Perhaps @Maj can point you towards someone how can help