Problem in Communication of LoRa Node and dragino gateway

I am new to LoRa and LoRaWAN. I have a dragino lg-01n gateway and RFM95 compatible HPD13A chips.

Now I have connected the gateway to internet and created a gateway on the things network. And I have upload a LMIC code on ESP12E with abp activation method along with network, app and device keys.

The serial monitor on the ESP12E says
Time: 25
Send, txCnhl: 1
Opmode check: ready to send: {"Hello":"World"}

But the data is not received on the things network or the gateway ( Checked on logread ).

I am confused whether the RFM95 could talk to SX1276 because both are LoRa and most of the google search says both are almost same. ( Correct me if I am wrong ).

Unfortunatley this device is not supported for TTN\LoRaWAN and Dragino do not recommend its use for that purpose.

No you havent! You have implemented a limited capacity single channel packet forwarder that will make it challenging for you to decode and debug you own devices behaviour and provide only intermittent support to your nodes if LoRaWAN based, and more improtantly you have connected a device which disrupts and degrades TTN network operation for any other users using, or even in sight of, your abomination! Please disconnect it immediately and get a genuine 8 channel LoRaWAN enabled GW.

thanks for the information.