Problem in configuring RN2903

I was configuring newly received RN2903 devices and was trying to configure them connecting my laptop through USB. I have downloaded and installed LoRa dev utility for issuing commands but as soon as I connect the device with laptop throug USB port, the LoRa dev utility crashes. I tried using different versions of JDK but the problem persists. Does anyone have some idea what could be the reason? Secondly, can we use some other command emulator to pass commands to the USB serial port (com) to configure RN2903?

Depending on the hardware you are using (you must be using something in addition to the modules as the RN2903 does not have USB connections) you can use any terminal program that supports serial ports.
I’ve used PuTTY and Termite to talk to RN modules connected to a usb-serial converter.
You will need to get the commands to use from the microchip documentation.

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I have connected RN nodes with my Laptop through usb cable and I can see the node has been assigned com3 port. I have PuttY configured in my laptop. Do we need to do anything extra to make PuttY as our CLI to communicate with RN modules? Yes, I have the set of commands from their documentation. The only issue was to configure the modules(first transmitter and second receiver ) and observe their communication to check the interference with RF powercaster. I am stuck with the configuration because of dev utility crash.

Set the correct speed and check line termination settings (cr - cr/lf expansions). Termite is easier to configure in this regard.

Thanks very much for your help. Termite was easier and I am now able to communicate and receive responses from the device. But still confused with the settings to make it a transmitter (and the other device as a receiver). I don’t need to complete network joining procedures such as OTAA and ABP, I believe. But the device LCD is still requiring so. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Have you checked out the documentation for the correct AT commands.

Help will be limited here if you are looking at a Point 2 Point as this forum is for LoRaWAN on TTN.

Sounds like you do not have plain RN2903 modules but in stead the RN2903 LoRa® Mote. There is no way to configure that to do Lora point to point with the shipped application. LoRa point to point only works if you connect both motes to a computer and issue commands to the module or replace the code in the motes controller with something that supports point to point.