Problem sending from device to the gateway via TTN

I have a system consisting of a LoRa GPS shield with arduino UNO and a LoRa gateway (LG01-N), knowing that both operate at a frequency of 915/920 MHZ
The main problem is that there is no data ( there is no conection betwen gateway and end node ) that can be seen in the live data of the application, even though the gateway is connected to TTN and ready to receive.

so this is my hardware …


End device

Here is an explanation for everything related to the system and some configuration:


and this is the arduino sketch using

After entering the code

Gateway and end device status at TTN

any thoughts ??

You are using a Lora gateway on a LoRaWAN network. Those gateways are disruptive for other users and do not work for LoRaWAN. Please disconnect it and get a proper LoRaWAN specification compliant gateway.

Wrong hardware so there won’t be any data. It simply does not work on TTN.

As above, Single Channel Packet Forwarders are not gateways, closing.

PS, good effort on the detail though!

PSS, you don’t send to the gateway, the device transmits, one or more gateways hear, there is no logical connection created between device & gateway.