problem!....The lora device does not receive data

The lora device does not receive data.
The gateway is normally receiving data from the lora device.

How can I find out the connection between gateway and device?
Here is my current configuration.

[gateway data]

[device data]

[lora_pkt_fwd data]

It seems that the data received by the gateway in ttn is not delivered to the device.
Why? Is the data from the gateway not being delivered to the device?

may I guess that you reseted your frame counter?
Your Cnt in the Data-console is 66
Your Cnt in the Overview-console is 0
I do not see any downlink messages in your console. I only see uplink messages from the node to the gateway.

So why do you think that you are sending data to the node?
Next questions: Are You using OTAA or ABP?

Could this be your problem?

I use ABP

If you look at the [gateway data] data above, you can see the data I sent in real time in the gateway traffic.
In the device overview, however, the frame up count is not available.

Maybe that’s the reason. Thank you

Perhaps reduce the time between packets ?

At the rate your sending (in the example shown) you will reach the fair usage limit for a days airtime in 202 seconds …

Your duty cycle is also 15%, the legal limit is normally 1%.

I didn’t know there was this. ^^;
Where is the rule written?
I wanna know.

For TTN limits see here;

For the legal restrictions you would need to read up the regulations affecting your part of the World. Its often 1% duty cycle limit, though.

Another thing to look at is why your node does not use multiple frequencies as required by the LoRaWAN standard.

I am currently testing it.
I’ll fix it. ^^;
Thank you for your advice.

Hola! tengo un problema similar.
como lo arreglaste?

Hello! I have a similar problem.
how did you fix it?

You should probably start a thread and give the details of your particular situation, unless they strongly suggest that it is the same issue cause as involved in this thread.

Do you see raw packets from a gateway which you believe come from your node?

Do you get packets from other nodes to the gateway? To the application level output?

What indications do you have that your node is transmitting - serial debug logs? Blinking LEDs?

How far away is the nearest gateway? What regional bandplan is it configured for? What bandplan is your node configured for?

What exactly is your node, and how have you configured it? ABP? OTAA??

What debugging steps have you tried so far?