Problem to receive uplink dates

I have problem to receive uplink dates because i dont receive consecutive counters
Someone with a solve…
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Please provide us with a crystal ball. Mine has worn out a long time ago. Based on the amount (or better, lack of information) I am reduced to guessing which I won’t do.

Provide more information:

  • How many gateways receive the packets
  • What is the signal strength of received packets
  • What are the frequencies and spreading factors of the received packets

Once more information is available we might be able to suggest a cause without wild guesses.

BTW, keep in mind LoRaWAN is a lossy protocol so packet loss will always happen.

It would be very useful if you modified your node code to log the frequency, spreading factor, bandwidth and frame count of each packet it transmits. To avoid interfering with receive window timings, it’s best to either log before transmitting, or after receive attempts are concluded.

Then collect that in a serial terminal that logs with timestamps (simple to make your own with pyserial if you don’t have something off the shelf)

Recive only my gateway, the frequency is 905.5 MHz and i programe to send dates every 10 seconds and receive sometimes 5 or 6 minutes or more
Im noob in lora and i try with different frequences

What brand and model gateway?

Is a gateway raspberry pi based

What Lora board are you using with the RPi?

Rak 831

Look at the packets as received by the gateway which probably logs them to syslog.

And as mentioned before, modify the node to log what it is doing.

Run an experiment for a bit, then manually match up the events in the log files - do that and you’ll start to have some sense of what is going wrong.

I solved only specify the channel because i configurate the node like a 8 channels gateway…

I solved only specify the channel because i configurate the node like a 8 channels gateway…


I’m not sure how anyone is going to be able to help you until you start providing clearer descriptions and following some of the suggestions already provided.