Problem - ttn-router-us-west disconnected since 6h45 (Eastern Canada)

All of my gateways are connected and I see uplink but can’t see payload come to application. Anyone have this issue ?

Exactly same problem reported on March 2019

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 :roll_eyes:

I’m seeing the same thing here, 20 devices in field are now all offline, last report was around 04:34 UTC this morning.

Reporting the same issue from my end.

Registration is OK, payload reaches the servers but isn’t forwarded to the application.

Is there someone taking action?

I’m facing the same issue, 108 devices all are offline since 4:34 UTC this morning.

Hopefully, the data is not lost? I think I’ll need to reconsider my decision to use TTN for a mission critical system… :thinking:

Down for 9 hours…

Any updates support ? ETA ?

Just in case, I’ve connected to the slack support channel and reported the outage there.


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Any answers what it may be?

[insert typical complaint about free things failing] [insert comment about not being taken seriously]

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very good.

There is a status page however … but that one is not connected yet and must be updated manual, hence it’s sometimes lagging behind the facts.

That is the only right place to report outages if you expect the core team to take action.

Same problem here. Join requests are getting through, but no uplink data is getting to the Application Server.

A status page it’s good when indicate a problem. The status page look all it’s working fine.

someone can share the slack channel ?

Slack channel #ops.

same problem with my nodes. ttn console shows joins on nodes i can manually reboot, but no uplinks, no downlinks.