Problem with arduino +lmic to configure APPEUI and DEVEUI in abp mode

(Giowidow) #1

hello people

mi problema is this

i need configure the end device (Arduino uno + adafruit module rfm 9x),
IN MI Gateway i need add a appeui and dev eui to enter a new node, but in the example lmic, attn-abp i not now how configure dev eui and app eui

thanks for you help

(Glbaum) #2

You get the App Eui and Device Eui when you register an application and device in your accounts TTN console.

As for the LMIC example for ABP on your node, you’ll need to modify the code with your Network Session Key, App Session Key and Device Address. All of which will be available to you through the Devices Console page. You’ll need to make sure the keys are in the appropriate format LSB vs MSB (hint you’re probably going to use MSB).

(Arjan) #3

I don’t know what “MI Gateway” is, but it seems your question might not be related to The Things Network? With TTN, gateways are just dumb devices that forward whatever they receive to the network server. Such gateways don’t know about neither AppEUI nor DevEUI.