Problem with node netblocks

I am currently developing an application that use the netblocks LoRa board :

I have follow these steps :

but at the end when I restart the application, I can’t see the dummy datas on my console.
Have someone already worked with this board ?

Actually I am just beginning LoRa and I must use this board, does someone know if there is a way to connect the board to TTN in a other way ?

feel free to answer, i am just a beginner !

Hi! Do you have a gateway or a gateway close to you that you can check on to see if it is known to be active?

Hi, I have two antennas in less than 5 kilometer around me, do you think it is ok ?

Did you check if they are active on TTNMapper like I suggested?

Even if active, your antenna, their position and what’s between you and them will make a difference.

Yes she is active like this one ! :smiley:

Hopefully you mean “gateways” and not simply antennas.

5km would be workable in idea situations, but there are many practical situations where it would not work. Generally for node debugging you want your own gateway somewhere fairly nearby, though not right next to the node in order to prevent overload.

Yes sorry it is a gateway :confused:

I think the next step of my project is to build my own gateway.
What is the best for beginner ? do you know ?

There are countless existing threads here, we don’t need to re-visit that again