Problem with sending join accept on dragino lora hat gateway single_chan_pkt_fwd to my node

So i have a dragino lora hat on my raspberry pi 4 and a node which makes use of the RN2483A microchip and i have them both registered in ttn where i watch the trafic. Now i send OTAA join requests manually with the passtrough arduino sketch via the serial monitor and everytime i send one on the correct spreading factor and datarate (SF7, DR 5) i get this: image and the node says denied and i think thats because the join accept is not correctly being sent by my gateway since my node can join via other gateways setup around my area and the same happens with other peoples nodes configured the same way when they try to join via my gateway but then when they try it with another gateway via another spreading factor and datarate it works, so it has to be my gateway thats not sending the join accept right but i dont know why or how to fix it and ive been struggling with this for weeks.

Single Channel Packet Forwarders can only listen on one channel, devices expect 8.

We can only support full 8 channel gateways on TTN as anything else is hugely disruptive to the network - a forum search will reveal more detail.

Basically you’ll need to get a gateway to move forward.

The thing is i have to use the gateway i currently possess and ive also been trying to find a way to change the channel the gateway is on since maybe the node then expects the join accept to come from another channel? i dont know this but all i know is that im stuck with the equipment i have and my task is to get my node to join otaa via my gateway anyway possible.

But it is not our task. See: Single Channel Packet Forwarders (SCPF) are obsolete and not supported where it is further explained that single or dual channel packet forwarders are not supported on the forum.

If that ‘gateway’ has only one channel it should not be on TTN. (Would it be a Dragino LG01 or LG02?) It is not compliant with the LoRaWAN specification and should not be used. Is this an assignment for a school/college? If so, please send me a private message with contact details of your teacher.

The dragino board i use is this one: And 1 of my teachers is the one who reccomended me to use the forums but since i work from home accept for 1 day of the week and contact information is very vague seeing as theres many teachers i dont know which 1 i should send contact details of if i even have the correct contact details. Also sorry if i seemed rude in anyway when saying “my task”.

So provide @kersing with that teachers contact details and he can send a message explaining that we are not able to help you with the equipment you have.

Your school has three options (ordered from most to least preferable)

  1. Buy proper LoRaWan gateways based on multi-channel/multi-SF concentrator chips - one of the sx1301, sx1302, or sx1308 with a transmit path power amplifier (so none of those ST kits…)

  2. Connect the non-compliant single channel “fakeways” to a private network server, such as chirpstack running on a cloud instance via the available AMI, or a software-as-service instance, or even a PC or raspberry pi (for which there’s an SD card image available) - and as the TTN forum cannot support this effort, provide their own engineering support, or rely on that from the manufacturers of the non-compliant hardware

  3. Not assign students to work with LoRaWan

there is no option 4 to use non-compliant hardware on TTN, even briefly