Problem with ttn-router-eu or am I doing something wrong?

If I configure my gateway and applications to use digitalcatapult-uk-router, everything works, but I can’t do anything with my data because there are no integrations

If I configure my gateway and applications to use ttn-router-eu, the console shows my gateway as connected, but the last seen timestamp was the last time it was seen by the digitalcatapult router, and no uplinks ever reach the router.

Do I have to do something different with ttn-router-eu that I’ve missed along the line?

Looks like I might have been caught out by this issue and am in process of trying to confirm

Likely so… look at the application console and check the meta data for any of your nodes that you have registered. You should see your gw listed as one of the receiving gws along with any others in range in your area

I had the wrong URL for the router because the URLs shown in the router selection menu in the gateway settings are wrong for some routers.

I used:

I should have used:

The correct URLs are shown here:

Where is the right place for me to file a bug report?

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There are no changes being implemented to the v2 stack as all the effort is being put in to v3 finalisation for deployment for TTN - in the same way the “Last seen” issue isn’t going to be resolved which has been cropping up every week for a while now. But this, @laurens, means TT staff are now aware.

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