Problem with versions of LoRa modules

Hello everyone, I am new to the world of radiofrequency, and I have a problem that I do not know how to solve, I bought 2 packs of LoRa modules, each of them contains two modules with the same version, the situation is that the modules of the same package work fine together, both, but if I use one module from one package and another module from the other package they just don’t work, please help me.

Which modules? We cant speculate…and there are many in the market. LoRa only modules or LoRaWAN modules (with MCU & running a LoRaWAN stack?)

Why/how would that be a thing…the modules would be talking to a Gateway - not each other…if what you are doing is LoRa only not LoRaWAN and/or LoRa point to point that is outside the scope for this forum - TTN uses LoRaWAN .

You need to give us a clue as to what you have purchased.

And then a clue as to what you would like to achieve.

Pictures help as well - both sides of the modules AND clearly marked so we can refer to photo A and photo B.

I bought it in aliexpress

The other is it
and i want to read data and save it in a data base while a moment
this is the message of confirmation in the console when two loras are working fine
and this is the message of the LoRas when they can’t communicate

finally i was following this tutorial

Thank you for all the beautiful pictures, but concerning TTS CE you can put this modules into the bin. They’re build for 433MHz and not usable for LoRaWAN.

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Can you recomend me modules LoRa that are usable to LoRaWAN? Thank you for the answer.

Paging @Jeff-UK - Houston, we have an Ebyte module lookup situation in a non-forum language, going in to sub-orbital boost run to gain momentum for some serious :person_facepalming:

We encourage people to look around the forum and use the search rather than have it delivered like Fast Food. But as you’ve had to set aside some modules and it’s your first time and you are about to have a shock at the price, we’ll do the thinking for you:

Adafruit Feather M0 with RFM95 - you will HAVE to be able to follow instructions and be able to do straightforward Arduino coding, plus a little bit of soldering.

Use LMIC-node as a framework to get up & running - the instructions are the most complete on the internet for pretty much anything.

If you do not have a gateway, when you come to debug the device, the very first thing we will ask is what gateway you have.

Read ALL of this,, it is the absolute minimum you need to know to be able to use LoRaWAN.

Questions that indicate some prior research, searching, reading of the docs get answered fastest.

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Those Ebyte E32 modules are UART front ended modules, so will not run on the standard LoRaWAN libraries, even if you did get them on the right frequency.

They are also illegal to use in most places in the World, since you cannot control the power level down to the legal requirements. Thier use could cause major interferance to other LoRa users over a very wide area.

Binning them seems a reasonable suggestion.