Problem witn TTN Brazil

Ola arjanvanb
I have a software application that accesses the TTN data:
And also in the application software could not see any data from UpLink or DownLink.
But now I switched to the handler for “ttn-handler-us-west” and it worked perfectly again at least for now.
The strange thing is that in December 2018 I had the same problem as the handler in “ttn-handler-brazil” stopped working so I switched to “ttn-handler-eu” and now in January 2019 the same problem occurred and I had to switch to “ttn-handler-us-west”. The bad thing that every seeing that changes the handlers it is necessary to register all the devices again.
Thank you

Hello Marcio
The TTN is working for you?
For me stopped again.

Hello manfroi2525
Yes, I still receiving data in my application (tested 13:47h GMT-2).


I am also facing the same issue for the past two days with both the applications and the gateway using ttn-router-brazil.

Uplink messages show up in the gateway traffic, but they are not showing up on the application data.

I changed the application router to “ttn-router-us-west” and it is working for now.

Yes, it is working but can not downlink and also to see the status of the device just by clicking F5 on the console page. I have not been able to work with my system for 6 days because of this problems with TTN.

In the figures (first device figure and second gateway) the last update of the device was at 07:52:01 today (since I reinitiated the controller) but at the gateway it presents 07:56:11 (print screen time). The device showed in the status 4 minutes of the last update but if I click F5 it shows the update in a few seconds and increments the value. But as seen in the figure of the gateway the data arrives every 10 seconds for UpLink.

And I can not do donwlink at all.

This is all for the handler: "ttn-router-us-west" for others except "ttn-router-brazil" only does the join and then on the device console I can not see the status even by clicking F5 .

The "ttn-router-brazil" can not even join.

Anyone have any idea what I can do?device Gateway

I guess you’re referring to the gateway’s router, not the application’s handler.

So, which router is your gateway connecting to? So, which handler is the application connected to? Is that in the same region, like suggested?


Yes both are in the same region.
In the “Application” the “Handler” is “ttn-router-us-west” and in the “Gateway” the “Router” is “ttn-router-us-west”.

Hello Guys,
After 7 days the TTN returned to work with the application in “ttn-handler-eu” and the gateway in “ttn-router-eu”. I have tested several settings this day but not much success. And since Friday 11/01/2019 I kept this configuration that only came back to work today.


…I assume you meant: In the “Application” the “Handler” is “ttn-handler-us-west”? (I never understood why one can type anything one likes into the settings, rather than being limited to selecting one from the dropdown; probably to specify private handlers?)


Hi! Does anyone know where can I find the person in charge of ttn-router-brazil ?