Prototype of Railway Station Display with integrated LoRa Gateway

(Verkehrsrot) #1

German Rail is going to install a railway station display with an integrated LoRAWAN Gateway on one of their stations in the Berlin area.

The prototype is based on a common station LED display, which is used to incorporate a GEMALTO LoRa Gateway. It features a combined antenna for GSM/LTE and LoRa (868 MHz).

The prototype railway station gateway will be added to the public TTN network, so is open for everyone.


(Don Hege) #2

Great, I love to see how much effort DB is putting into this. :slight_smile:

(Phil Wilko) #3

please could someone from Germany give us an idea what sort of information these boards display. Is it time critical information?

(Arjan) #4

I don’t think the station display itself is using LoRaWAN, if that’s why you’re asking? The gateway is just an add-on, using the display’s internet connection?


(Biermi) #5

Normally it displays the time and information about the next train or delay of the train. It is used in small train stations with no personnel.

(Gaguilar) #6

Soooo nice…