Pulling sensor data with node.js mqtt library

They removed support for node.js with v3. So I connected to mqtt server with node.js using mqtt library. But I am not able to pull the sensor data. I’m wondering if anyone has used the mqtt library before. You can see my mqtt connection code below. I would be very grateful if you could edit it and post it as an answer.

const mqtt = require("mqtt");

const connectUrl = `mqtt://my_url:1883`;

const client = mqtt.connect(connectUrl, {
	clean: true,
	connectTimeout: 4000,
	username: "username",
	reconnectPeriod: 1000,

const topic = "topic_name";
client.on("connect", () => {
	client.subscribe([topic], () => {
		console.log(`Subscribe to topic '${topic}'`);
client.on("message", (topic, payload) => {
	console.log("Received Message:", topic, payload.toString());