Q + A : μNode by TLab.gr

(Leo) #1

I’d like to introduce TLab μNode (micro-node),
a compact LoRa board that balances a good development experience, low power consumption, and extended feature set.
It’s incorporates an ESP8266 / RFM95 LoRa module and was made by members of The Things Network Thessaloniki. (Greece). We decided to include a prototyping region , allowing us to solder our sensors directly on the board! And since we are cautious about power consumption, the MCU can cut the power all the peripherals when they are not required.
The WiFi support, that can be used as an additional geopositioning vector, when there are not enough LoRa gateways in range, using google services.

Please find more info at https://www.tlab.gr/projects/μnode-project/
and don’t hesitate to contact us for any recommendations/ideas etc.


Hi Leo,

I’ve mentioned your node 2 times before

you can use this topic as central Q + A for TLab μNode