Queries about TTN Mapper

Hi Everyone ,

I have a node(without GPS) which transmits data(2bytes) every minute to a TTN device . The data successfully reaches the device.
I am having some trouble understanding the working of TTN Mapper. GPS (fake gps) is enabled on the gateway side and also payload format contains “latitude”,longitude and hdop values (all zero).
In three days i could see only one value being plotted on the ttn mapper.
I am using the TTN Mapper android application to geotag the data and send to TTN Mapper.
My questions are

  1. After how much duration the map gets updated with new values ?
  2. Do i need to add latitude , longitude and hdop in payload format if i am using Android application for ttn mapper?
  3. I checked in advanced map options for the specific device and i see only one value , After how much duration does this parameter gets updated?

see https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/applications/ttnmapper/

I have followed this , but still i can’t see the data points in “advanced map options” except one from 13th May,2019 , 07:44 GMT.

This is the data logs from the android application.
But i can’t see a single data point being plotted

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