Question about RN2483 TX power settings


I am using a Sodaq One v3 for my graduation project, but otherwise very new to LoRa, and I have a question about what seems to be conflicting information about the TX power setting. In the datasheet of the RN2483 (DS50002346D) I found this table:


Now I saw the tx power index was set to 1 by default so I assumed that corresponded with the 1 in this table (-0.6 dBm). I was confused to see it would only accept values from 1 to 5. When I looked at the command reference (40001784B) it confirmed that only 1 through 5 was accepted and that 1 corresponded to 14 dBm and not -0.6, but it does refer to the the datasheet for the “actual radio power capabilities”.

I also found this table in the LoRaWAN regional parameters which does match what the command reference describes:

So my questions are these:

  • Why does table 2-5 from the data sheet give completely different information? Is it not referring to the same thing?
  • The maximum values seem to match (14 dBm) but the minimum values are -4 dBm in one and 6 dBm in the other. Is this because one is what the device is capable of and the other is what is allowed? Why give the index if we are not able to set it as such?

Thank you and I hope you can help me with this.